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'It just isn't cricket'

Well, in truth it is. Here's to the start of the weekend and I have the delights of the cricket commentary on LW radio (as well as the shipping forcast every hour or so).

Its nicely balanced so far - although its only the second day there's plenty of time for that to change. The last test (as these are known as) only lasted 3 days so I'm hoping this one will go into the fourth or fifth day so I have something else to listen to next week at work. Although I'd get better quality from internet feed (and no shipping forcast) the radio is better to have. Maybe I'll treat myself to a digital radio soon as its also available there.

If anyone wants to listen to what is (usually) a calm game then anyone in the world can listen to it via the BBC website. Although a 'test match' is quite laid back and can be boring in places - it can get a little frentic. Especially because some of the batsman (and bowlers) are 'fun'. The last test ended with a couple of big injuries, one has a fractured arm. They don't call any of the 'silly' fielding points 'silly' for nothing....

Here's to a calm relaxing weekend with (hopefully) England thrashing Pakistan as they are just above England in the Test Table and with the Ashes defence in Australia this year........
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