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Sometimes I do catch people out

One of the staff slightly injured their hands over the weekend and because the plasters they used were falling off I redressed the injury (as I'm a first aider). In the first aid kit there is a plastic 'insert' with a couple of prongs on it which I've left loose as I can't be bothered to work out where it goes.

She picked it up and asked 'whats that for' - thinking that it was some sort of aid to help apply dressings etc. With no hesitation or thinking on my part I replied 'oh, thats for picking your nose'. She seemed to accept my answer and, approximately 30 seconds later, then realised what I said.

I don't often catch people like that, the staff are mostly used to my strange sense of humour and tendancy to give 'unique' answers. When I do catch one out their reaction is funny enough when the penny finally drops. I've found that a response needs to be silly, but delivered without hesitation and in a normal voice.

Yes, I know its not much and is a silly post. But I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to program something (and making it academic/student proof - which is harder than idiot proof) and I need stuff like that to keep me going.

Oh well - back to the php/mysql stuff.
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