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Back to the roof once a week again

The main 'pollen' season is over - well, for us anyway. Technically we should have continued the 'daily' trap for this week but we got the email saying to go back to the weekly drums as the pollen counts fallen back to 'low' levels. So, I don't have to go everyday to the roof and change over the slides and send them. Probably a good thing as its getting a little 'breezy' on the roof now.

The 'main' project I'm working on at work is taking most of my time. The department head wants it working for next semester - that means it has to be completed, tested and completely bug free for when its needed. Because of what this system has been designed to do I've had to think of just about everything to ensure that I have a REALLY good audit trail through it. So, logging and stability are key. I've been working on this for about 3 weeks now and its about 70% complete.

Now, once this is working the department head has 'ideas' about this software. Eventually he 'would like' it to be made into a commercial product (or at least released a lot wider). Although thats not much of a problem, that adds an extra level to the entire setup.

I only have one question here - how on earth would I be able to do this AND the rest of my job (including the 3 systems I need to write, 2 that need completing and about 6 that I need to update). Oh yes, add to that all the new students AND the returning students (as well as staff support).

I have 2 weeks annual leave starting this Monday (last day tomorrow). Once I'm back, I'll have to go from my normal 'fast' speed to 'super high'. I suspect it'll be an interesting couple of months ahead for me.

Anyone want to open a book on if I make it or not? One things for sure - the battle will be seriously joined when I'm back at work and if I do go down, it'll be fighting all the way.
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