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What happened to the day

Okay, its been a non event day I think. I've not done anything I planned to, although that okay I did want to get some stuff done. 'Heavy' work is currently off the list as my shoulder is killing me (probably from finally sorting some light fittings out yesterday).

Oh well, whats on the list for tomorrow - hopefully I can make contact with a friend and arrange to meet up - they're starting a job soon and with my off work for a couple of weeks but even though that sounds simple - its by no means that at all.

Oh well, one decent thing tomorrow - the fourth (and last for this series) cricket test starts tomorrow at The Oval. Although the series is won, both teams have a point to make. England to have a good run in for the defense of The Ashes in Australia this winter and Pakistan to get some pride back after a fairly awful series. I'll have my radio tuned to the LW commentary but anyone in the world can listen online via the BBC Website, there's usually a link to the commentary on the BBC Cricket webpages. If anything, reading the 'text commentary' can be quite funny at times.

Hopefully I'll get some housework done tomorrow - or at least something to ensure I don't get fed up or worse.
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