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Maybe a little too much walking

Today I drove my mother and the dog up to Youlgreave in the peak district. Not too far to drive and the roads were a little busy (school holidays and its a bank holiday weekend as well). We walked into Barton Dale (down a steep hill), to one end and back. We could have walked back 'across the top' but the dog may not have liked the sheep and cows that we would have pass by.

I've walked along this dale often over the years and its nice as its starting to come back to life. A lot of work was done on the waterways on one end of the dale which has allowed the dale itself rebuild the amount of water that flows through it and now there are a lot of moorhens, mallards and plenty of fish. Its nice to see that, over the years, how the dale has improved.

Anyway, there are a set of steel steps at one side which we went up - and was so funny watching the dog climb up them that I recorded him coming down. Because of the 'fun' we dragged him back up and then down the steps again so I could film him.

A walk back, followed by a look at the other side of the dale (another hill), back into the dale and then back up a hill to find the car. I went another way home, known as the 'top route' as it goes through Beeley Moor - good if you know the route as it gets past most of the traffic. The dog slept all the way home - he was very tired.

Once back at home the dog hid and went to sleep, I stayed over for a bit and dragged myself home. Needless to say I'm quite tired and I realise that I still need to build my ankle up before I attempt something like Kinder Scout again. The last couple of days has shown me how much more work I need to do before I can even think about attempting Kinder again. I may be mad but I'm not stupid - Kinder Scout is a lot more challenging and dangerous than Barton Dale.

I've uploaded a few pictures here (friends only).

Hmm - I think a late snack and pot of tea is required now. I ache a lot but at least its not my shoulder - its a 'tired' ache in my legs and ankle but not a 'normal' ache which annoys me.
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