madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Once more unto the breach

Its back to work for me tomorrow. Today was a Bank Holiday so I got an extra day off work. I've slowly been working myself back into 'work mode' as I suspect the only way I'm going get be able to get everything up and running as for when semester starts is by hitting the ground tomorrow at a fast run.

There's a mass of email to wade through and I'm sure the forum will need a bit of cleaning up. If I can break the back of this big system I'm creating this week then I may be able to pull of the miracle. If not, then I may go in on a weekend (or do some stuff from home).

I also need to do some shopping after work tomorrow, I'm almost out of food as I haven't done a major shopping trip since I've been on leave (a couple of small trips to the local store). I need some more food but thats okay, it shouldn't take 'too' long to do.

Lastly - someone remind me next time I take some leave to ensure I organise something to do as I've spent too much time thinking about stuff for work these last couple of weeks. It may help with me planning to organise my leave a bit better but I still should be able to stop at some point.

Oh well - off to bed so I can get up for work, might as well enjoy the drive to work before the schools start back up and they become nightmarish again. I can't wait to move to the main campus, it'll become easier to walk and use the bus to get there instead of the car when we do move. Walking usually helps me a lot, I haven't done much lately for a variety of reasons, that may just help me clear the rubbish in my mind a bit.
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