madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I thought I saw a light at the end of a tunnel

But it was only some idiot with a torch bringing me more work (the old ones are the best)

Well, work and more work. The faster I get rid of some, the faster it piles up somewhere else. Currently I have a laptop to repair which constantly throws errors of 'delayed write failed'. There is no way you can boot the darn thing up and logon - even in the vaunted 'safe mode' (thats a joke anyway). So its a reformat and rebuild. First I have to get the files off it - easy though. Thanks to one of my primary tools - Knoppix. This is an entire linux distro, with masses of software which comes on a single CD, is free to download and use. Boot of CD and you have an entire OS with office software and gets most network cards etc. More importantly, it mounts Windows drives as read only so you can get the software off. By using the network share program Samba it allowed me to attach the drive to one of the servers and copy all the files off. One rebuild tomorrow and hopefully that'll be one less job. Maybe I'll get the two computer moves done tomorrow, finish the final new machine (of this batch) and get them set up on Friday (I hope).

Badminton tonight was interesting. Problem being with my wrist, although I play with the left hand and the wrist problem is on my right, it does cause some problems. Firstly, I am not that brilliant with my balance, I tend to fall over. A lot. Now, I do land very well, if I am going down on my bad wrist I always seem to roll and protect it, but the actual playing does cause stress on it. I am wondering if I should give up badminton, but I don't want to. I can't limit how I play, I've tried for years and its just impossible to limit myself, I play at 120% all the time.

No clarinet, limited time on my flute, considering giving up badminton - I think I need to sit back and review.
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