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Minor miracle needed

It can't get much worse at work. I doubt very much I'll have everything ready for start of semester - extra stuff and 'little things' are getting in the way simple tasks.

For example, I replaced a 10Mb/s hub with a 10/100Mb/s hub - 10 minute job. 3 to shutdown the servers, 2 to replace the hub and 4 to boot the servers back up. But one of the servers is a very old sparcstation which does a small (but vital) task in linking the sun boxes with the MS servers. Its so old the 'auto-sensing' hub confused the network port on the server and it refused to go on the network. I eventually solved it by using the AUI interface and a AUI-UTP converter. That only took an hour and a half (mind you if it was one of the MS servers then it could have been all day).

A couple of 'urgent' problems and the morning is almost gone. Not a good day, I tried to get back some time by installing a system on the webserver from home. Although when I finally got it all uploaded I had to change the permissions on a single directory - which I couldn't do via ftp. Of course SSH access is blocked on the firewall so that task is dead in the water and that plan is sunk without trace.

Oh well - no comment-a-thon tonight babyghia its my turn for a night off. I'm unable to process even the most basic insults so I'll have to work some out tomorrow (well today now).
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