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Darn Cold

The weekend has not been too great. I had a cold appear yesterday, at first I though it was an allergic reaction to something, but alas not. I tend to get rid of colds quite quickly and after a 'bad' Saturday its started to go today. By the time I'm up for work tomorrow I expect it'll be mostly gone. Thankfully, again, to my rescue came Lemsip. I'll just have to get some more tomorrow as I've finished my current supply up now.

Sounds annoying that I've lost my weekend to a cold, but its not that bad. I was still able to get some stuff done even with a cold. Tomorrow its back to the grind and see if I can get ahead on any of my projects. Luckily everyone (except me) are in a big meeting for most of tomorrow so I should be able to get some peace and quiet *crosses fingers*
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