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Quick update:- A quiz and Driving to work

First things first

Aquired from [info]babyghia

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.

Now, I alway like to get one back on the idiots who speed, overtake dangerously etc. Sometimes I wish their car would brake down, get a puncture etc, but on the way to work today I got a small piece of satisfaction.

I was following one car, another shot up behind me and overtook us both - in a dangerous and stupid way (and also close to a school around starting time). The car ahead of me turned off and I continued on my way. Spotting this idiot stuck behind another car and wanting to turn right. I move into the left land (as I want to turn left), as I pass this idiot I look directly at him and wave. The look on his face proved I had had the reaction I wanted.

A little bit of light in these annoying times. Not much, but every little helps.
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