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Another day at work. One of my bigger projects is nearing the end stage where it needs testing, I only have a couple of 'big' parts to write and then its mostly simple, basic stuff that shouldn't take too long to write (I hope).

The cold is almost gone, the back of it was broken on Sunday and I'm only left with a few minor problems (aches etc).

This week I'm already looking at losing two days. A big office move is happening on Thursday an I'll be on station with the PAT tester to get everything up to date as well as working out what cables we'll need to get everything connected okay. Wednesday I've a meeting with my manager at a different campus so that'll write off most of the day.

That leaves me 2 days this week and 1 week before the induction week starts so I think another week of early starts and late finishes will happen.

Once more unto the breech dear friends........

Edit: Oh I forgot, there's an important all day meeting next Monday so thats another day gone.
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