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I hate meetings

Today was the dreaded 'quality day'. Basically its a meeting we have to have every year which lasts most of the day, its also the only meeting that I need to get to because some of it is actually useful. In truth its not the actual content of the meeting that annoys me. Its the people who ask the same question again and again which wastes time. How many times do you have to tell them.

One thing which we are going to use (and which I've almost finished writing) - I counted one question asked by the same person 6 times (they got the same answer). Another question was asked 12 times by 4 different people (they all got the same answer) - I could continue.

Anyway there was a couple of decent points. 1st, the place we held the meeting was close to the campus (rules state we have to hold the meeting off campus). 2nd, the place was in an upstairs room of a pub so it was a decent pub lunch paid for my work. This pub does not hold back on portions and is certainly a place to eat at (and the prices are good as well).

So, we have less than a week until induction and I have 2 systems that need to be completed as well as a stack of other stuff to get done. The academics will not co-operate and probably annoy me with a hundred annoying little problems.

Edit: Looks like the network has died at work, I can't get to any of the sites including the one I admin. I was hoping to get an hour or so worth of work done tonight but I can't get the code or check it so thats another plan blown out of the water.
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