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Battling on

Its going slowly, but its at least moving. Work, is feeling almost trench warfare like - lots of attacks but with little progess made. The 'simple' task I wanted to do today took most of the day - correction, getting the correct library installed on the server took most of the day (instructions were almost none existant). The actual task took less than an hour but its still a day lost. It didn't help with people continually knocking on my door with stupid questions (and the students aren't back yet).

3 days left until induction next week - I need to get two systems operational by then - looks like my weekend will be not much of a weekend.

The problems with contacting the servers at work last night was due to a lightening strike on 'south tower' which houses some important systems. That knocked the comms and networking out for some reason and they didn't get them back online until people arrived early this morning. It was one heck of a thunderstorm last night and REALLY nice to watch.

The lighening also has seemed to have done something to my tv, that would be really annoying trying to replace that. If that is so I just hope that my car doesn't cost to mucgh to get through its MOT otherwise I could be a rather annoyed person for a while.

*yawn* I need a decent nights sleep (and also a morning I think).
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