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Semester Starts

Here we go again. My sixth time of 'experiencing' the start of a new year. A new set of students, others returning and hearing the same old problems and annoyances occurring. The only real difference between the years is how I seem to have had more and more work to get done in less and less time. Probably this is because we depend on the computer systems more and more (and thus its the mad technician who gets the extra work load).

My main project - which is almost finished is this online submission system - basically, students would be able to submit their work online instead of having to come into university and hand it in at the office. Its becoming quite a big system now - its sounds fairly simple, but in fact there is a lot of extra stuff to consider and write into to ensure that its a workable system. The academics are wondering why I'm hurrying to get it completed as 'students won't need it until 'mid November'. So, even though I've made this system as simple as possible to use, all the staff will instantly know how to use it, they won't find any bugs and the students won't need to be shown how to use the system. Even with an ideal situation this is cutting it VERY close in terms of deployment. The situation is not ideal - I will have constant interruptions - staff needing help with laptops/projectors. Students needing account or passwords changing, forum administration and a host of other 'little' things that need my attention now semester has started. Actually - I really hope that the new hard drives for the webserver arrive soon, as there is not much space left on the current server and if students start uploading documents to the system then that space will probably run out. Oh well, lets hope the 'speeded' up purchase system will arrive faster than the normal 2 - 5 months (if order hasn't been lost).

The long meeting today didn't help, this meeting usually lasts around an hour but because we had the acting school head made it last an age. This person does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time putting a point across that they took almost 3/4 hour to finish what would have taken 15 minutes tops. Then, the rest of the meeting was longer because of a few other factors (not people).

I tried making a to-do list today - I lost heart when I reached 20 items and realised I wasn't half way through the stuff I could easily think of.

Oh well, looks like another long week of early starts and late finishes - but currently, thats nothing new.
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