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The battle continues

Another long day. Its worrying when I arrive at work at 8.40am annoyed that I'm 'late' but I actually don't offically start work until 9.00am. I left at 6.30pm but I was giving someone a lift into the city as I passed where they were going and it seems silly not to offer a lift.

This week at work we have two 'work experience' people from a local school. Today they had to put up with me for a few hours. Now, I must admit that being followed around by two young ladies is not exactly unpleasant but I also needed to ensure that they found the time useful. Watching me do some programming is not exactly interesting. A tour of our labs (video labs/control area, eyetracker etc), and the webserver systems (and reasoning) worked. Luckily a member of academic staff had a problem with the systems in the lecture theatre so that was also useful.

Two more days left in the week - I _hope_ I can get most of the little things finished in this system I'm working on but there are some other tasks that I can't not do which may scupper that plan (not to mention students needing passwords changing etc).

Onwards, ever onwards and back to the battle line (well after I've slept).
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