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Thats different

Something different today - I left at my offical finishing time today, that is 5.30pm. This must the fist time that has happened since before my last bit of annual leave. Still, getting in early but its something to note. I doubt it'll happen for a while again but there's hope.

In other news my referral to the phyisotherapy for my shoulder came through today and I organised an appointment - hopefully they can do something with it as its damn annoying at times.

Anyway - time for food. Anyone on a diet should not read any more. Tonight is 'fry up' night. Sausages (x4), Bacon (x4), eggs (x2), baked beans and chips so I will be a very full madman tonight. Also, a nice soak in the bath is also planned too so hopefully some of the aches and pains will be sorted.
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