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Another week at work done, the Vice Chancellor (ie University head honcho) did his 'state of the nation' talk. Its a useful thing because he's actually quite nice and open to ideas, finding problems etc. One amusing thing happened though (well two). I was heading back to my office before going to the talk when he stopped me - this time the talk was in the Gym (which doubles as a second lecture theatre and has pullout seating and he didn't know where it was. His assistant was trying to find out where but was quickly called back and the whole group to the gym (if you don't know where it is, its not that easy). The second was that his laptop decided to play silly with the projector and we kept on losing the presentation until they sorted it out. Didn't phase him much and provided a few good laughs.

This weekend I have my parents dog for company - they're running in the Great North Run on Saturday and I offered to look after the dog. He doesn't mind my house so it should be fine (*crosses fingers*). If the weather and (more so) myself are up to it I'll walk him back on Sunday via a 'scenic' route. Say a short 4/5 mile walk home ;-) That should (a) tire him you and (b) allow me to test my stamina again. My shoulder and wrist may hurt - but I can still walk.
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