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Post Badminton

Last night I decided to go to badminton. Part of the reason is so I could get back playing after the summer break and the rest to see how my shoulder/neck dealt with it.

First of all the badminton. It was seriously obvious to me that I was out of practice, understandable as its just over 3 months since I last played and without regular playing it does happen. After a few games though I could feel my old self coming back and movement etc was back - which was nice. Although I didn't hit any walls or fall on the floor I was getting quite overbalanced and overextended at times (my usual "style") and in the last game my old 'kamikaze' defense was about 70% of normal power.

My shoulder - well, it aches today but not 'badly'. This could be the problem I have with the shoulder or it could be just because I haven't played for a while - or a combination of the two. Anyway, I was hitting the shuttle at below 'full power' and I don't think there is any extra damage. Hopefully (if I remember) it'll be useful information for the phyiso next week (must remember that appointment).

Oh well, today is time for the pollen traps and then I have a lot of PAT testing to do - I at least have the 'posh' tester which has a label printer and QWERTY keyboard which cuts down the 'time-per-test' by a lot. Plus they'll be two of us on the task - although my collegeaue is unable to do the testing (not qualified) it does make the task a lot easier (and less boring).
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