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A flash of intelligence (from myself)

I was sitting at work this afternoon, just finished one task and I looked at the time and wondered what task to tackle next......

I then realised - 'why'. It was 4.36pm and I offically finish on a Friday at 4.30pm (5.30pm Mon - Thurs). Why on earth am I just carrying on when I've been in early every day for at least a month, left late every day when I've got home and had something to eat its too late to do a damn thing. So, I said to myself 'to hell with it, I'm off' - packed up and came home. Yes, I admit I've bought some stuff home with me but I only have so much energy.

So, now I'm home. Dinner will be started in a few minutes (fish as its Friday) and I have the water on so I can have a nice hot bath to try and get some of the aches and pains eased (I have so many aches today I think its easy to work out whats not hurting).

In other news - major work on the webserver at work went surprisingly well, it worked with very few (and those were minor) problems and the main part of the task was done by 10.15am and the rest done by 11am - I was expecting 2/3pm so that was nice.

Oh well, onwards to food and looking forward to not having to get up tomorrow. I may even catch up on everyone elses LJ's as well tonight......
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