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Chaaaaargee.... *crash*

Yet another day with an early start at work. This damn project I need to finish is on the last few functions and they are the more easy things to write, nothing too bad. Of course, staff and students are doing their level best to stop me finishing. I have a couple of computers on the 'build queue' which are slowly coming up - one is not taking the image and the other is a rebuild as it was full of spyware/adware etc (plus a few trojans). This second computer has only been with the member of staff for two weeks......

So, I'm slowly getting through the mess and I get a load of really annoying and stupid questions from staff and students. These are the ones which shouldn't really be asked for a second of thinking time. Anyway, I have a bit more done on the project, theres not much left and it is the final leg of the coding which means I can see the finish line.

One thing that really made me angry - a member of staff has not followed what should they have done and 'decided' to pass what they should have done down to me. So, I'll have a load of students all needing to see me for a few minutes and putting more damn work onto me. Please note that this member of staff doesn't usually arrive until about 10am and leaves around 4pm at the latest. Please note, I'm really starting to get fed up of the idiots who are passing stuff onto me which isn't my job when I have way too much to do anyway (if you need proof I can get signed statements from other members of staff - some who are surprised I haven't killed anyone yet).

Near the end of the working day (about 1/2 past my offical finishing time) the subject head (I think that is what they are called this week) asked for my help with a module webpage he has taken over (he took over the module). The links were WEIRD, we couldn't see what was wrong - well, the main problem was that the person who created the page used the 'Save As html' in word which basically creates a mess in the html (and the css). So, the html was a mess and we couldn't work out the page (even with Firefox and the Web Developers Toolbar). The links were removed and then it started to make sense. There were about 3 links all on the same line (repeated on some other lines as well). We suspect that the previous module leader had created the link - thought they hadn't created the link - created the link again..... (repeat ad nauseum). So thats now sorted.

Anyway, music went okay tonight, we were missing a lot of people (I was the entire woodwind section). Tomorrow I have my phyisotherapy appointment in the morning. I'm going to work first thing then taking the bus back to town a little later, hospital then back on the bus. Its easier on the bus and its probably cheaper (don't know how long I'll be at the hospital as well). I hope they can find/do something with my shoulder - its really annoying me at times now.

Ack - what a depressing post, maybe I should post when I'm more awake - but then again if I do that then there wouldn't be many posts at all.
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