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Post Hospital

I made it back from the physiotherapy appointment in one piece. Slightly dampened as it was belting it down with rain when I got off the bus and walked the 200/300 yards to my office from the bus stop.

It went well, I need to move around a bit more and take more regular breaks from the computer (or at least move myself around a bit). The pain is due to something which got 'pinched' which needs to recover and heal. Needless to say, after being checked, poked etc and having my head/neck/arm/shoulder moved in ways I didn't think was possible, my arm/shoulder now aches a bit more than normal. I need to move around more and be more active - annoyingly because of the wrist problem I'm not less active but I think I can deal with that. Next year when we've moved campuses I'm planning on walking instead of driving so that'll help me a lot.

One thing that I was told - my range of movement is way above that of a normal person. Even now with a 'reduced' movement it is still either at or above the 'average'.

Bottom line - I need to make a few slight changes to how I work and such like and go back every week for a month or so for treatment to help sort the problem out.

Overall, I'm quite pleased, the person I had was really good at listening and explained everything very well (plus they had a sense of humour which does help with me).

Oh well, back to work - but I need to take a quick break in 10 or so minutes.
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