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I'm still getting back into the swing of badminton. I had a longer break this summer the group finished earlier than usual and I started back late because of my shoulder. Anyway, it means that I have quite a few aches and pains from my limbs. Although not unexpected hopefully I'll be back to my normal self within a couple of weeks. I'll be going to another badminton group on a Friday to help stretch myself a bit more and give the shoulder a good workout.

Saying all that, the shoulder is hurting a fair bit more than normal but I suspect thats partly due to the phyiso proding it and moving my head/arm in strange directions. The other part is me trying to carry out the instructions on regulary exercising it and being 'more active'.

Work is still busy - the big project is almost ready for people to start testing on. Another job which I'm trying to do is sort out a big file that one of the managers made which is almost 2mb of word document. This person has basically made a (poor) attempt at creating a web type document in word. Like the person is they have taken EVERY single thing and made it into one large document. In theory is sounds great, but in practice its VERY poor.

Of course its down to me to try and sort it out to fit in the new health and safety web pages. It can be done but its a long and boring job. If I say that this manager does not seem to be able to send an email which is less than 50 lines and spends time at meetings arguing irrelevant and useless points then you get the idea.

Onwards ever onwards and through the rubbish that people create........
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