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Another fun filled week.

Here we go again.

I keep the 'store' of photocopier paper for the department. A couple of weeks ago I put in an order for more - we were done to about 4 boxes. Since then the paper has gone at a scary rate - I have 1 ream of paper left and it won't last long. My order hadn't arrived so I checked with the office finance people, the order has been 'on hold' as there isn't any money in the budget. You see, the budgets are weird - the money is released a little each month which is really annoying. Luckily there is another budget code with some money in so we can get the paper - but I suspect we'll run out soon before it arrives. Oh well, thats life - I don't need to print much;-)

The big project is almost done - the main coding is finished and now I'm just testing and doing some minor bugfixing. One annoying thing is that IE doesn't format correctly and although the html and css pass all the html validation, css validation and disability checks it doesn't show correctly in IE. It still works, but there are a couple of annoyances which make it look less professional (ha, as if it does that anyway).

Music was interesting tonight. We are missing a few people so there are 'gaps'. That usually means that I'm playing slightly different music. Most of the time its '2nd' part music which is a harmony and 'secondary' tune. Mainly to bolster the 2nd violin (yes, we have 1 second violin player currently who doesn't seem to be able to play in time unless he has 'help). At one point I was given a '3rd' part. Now, on a flute the 3rd part is, although playable, low - low notes on a flute is not good. Needless to say, the 2nd part needed 'help' and I was quickly returned to 2nd.

Music is good - but sometimes I feel like I'm firefighting like I do with the clarinet. The flute should really be given the high stuff as it excels there, but I do whats needed and it is good for me to do. But I must admit, its nice to play (and hear) parts which are for a flute (or clarinet) and sound like they 'belong' instead of covering the gaps.

Oh well, phyisotherapy tomorrow first thing, then another day battling through the next batch of problems. I think I definatly wrenched my knee on Friday so I may give badminton a miss tomorrow - I may not or may just go for a couple of games to see how it reacts. I won't know until I tomorrow evening.
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