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Tests Done, next appointment made, rehersal tonight.

The subject says it all.

I had the nerve conduction tests early today. I must have been the first person that day. Afterwards I had to make an appointment with the specialist - a couple of weeks and another early appointment, which I like as there usually isn't a long wait or tired|annoyed kids and adults.

I got a lot of exercise though. I walked to the hospital, only a couple of miles which is nothing to me. Once there I joined the 'main corridor' around junction 12. I had to walk to junction 20 for the tests, back to 10a (hand clinic) to get my appointment and then back to junction 20 where the exit I wanted was.

I took the bus home, there are major roadworks at the moment and the bus had to navigate a VERY tight lane, there was this noise and when I got off the bus I noticed a slight scrape. Nothing bad, a quick sanding and painting and it'll be fine.

Its the last rehersal before the concert tonight, I'm still not looking forward to this. We're missing key players and I'm the single flute player who has a bad hand - not a good sign. I'm not sure I'll last the concert and I still am not up to, in my opinion, an acceptable standard for the music. I've thrown my plans out of the window - I'll just have to wing it. Its an afternoon concert, so that should be to my advantage.

As Shakespeare wrote 'one more into the breach dear friends'
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