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Big Favour Required

Okay folks, I have a big request for you (and a bit of a laugh).

Go to the link below and vote the name to be 'East Midlands Airport' - it takes less than a minute to do.

Whats happening is the local airport is thinking of changing its name againe. It renamed itself to Nottingham East Midlands Airport a few years ago which annoyed a lot of people. The Airport is actually in Leicestershire and has a Derbyshire address, post code and telephone number (and is closest to the city of Derby. The local BBC radio website started a poll and cunningly hid it away (so people from the other counties didn't see it via casual browsing). Would you like it if your an airport in your state put the name of another state in its name?

Please vote and see if you can get others to vote that way too. Lets see if we can really screw this vote up;-)

Edit: If possible - post on your LJ as well
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