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Isn't it annoying when your're desperatly trying to finish one task but people keep on disturbing you with other stuff constantly. I'm trying to finish this system at work - I'm basically writing instructions on its use as I need to get them out to staff asap as the students are seeing the system next week (and I'm doing the demo.....). For the entire morning I started working on it, and about every 10 to 15 minutes someone stopped me with a problem or needing something etc etc etc. By the time I'd sorted them out, worked out where I was and attempted to start (again) I was disturbed.

I think one of the staff realised I was getting fed up as when they knocked on the door my answer sounded, to quote, 'if you are going to ask something stupid you may find yourself needing an ambulance'. Which was a decent description. The day was an annoying one but the instructions are partly completed and hopefully be sorted tomorrow *crosses fingers*.

Badminton went well tonight, some really good games as well which was a good bonus. Often some of the games are annoying to play due to the imbalance of abilities, not really anyones fault as we try to make the games fair but can be annoying. This week was where we had more people around the same ability or complemented each other fairly well.

Oh well - music tomorrow, the show is soon and I still am having trouble with the music as I have a tune jammed in my head which makes it really hard to practice other stuff. Its been like that for a week or so and its starting to annoy me. It doesn't help as I'm not used to playing music when there are a group of people singing (and acting) and its worse as I have some fairly obvious stuff to play so I can't exactly hide away either.

Another fun day tomorrow then
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