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Another fun day at work almost finished - I really didn't want to get up today, it took a lot to drag myself out of bed. The badminton last night didn't help but thats life. On the good point I've now let my big project out for staff to test/break/wreck/grumble or complain about. It's demo'ed to the students on Tuesday so I hope nothing major is wrong with it.

I should be going to a music practice tonight but I'm so tired I'll miss it as I know that I won't be able to play well. Plus, I'm leaving work late, there's a big traffic problem on my way home so I'll be late. I expect it'll be around 7 when I get home and by the time I've found something to eat (emergency microwave meal) and gotten out again the practise will be half over at the least. It'll make an already tough thing worse but I really don't have the energy.

I was going to take tomorrow off as annual leave, but I have to get some stuff done so thats out of the window. Maybe I'll go at lunch if its quiet, maybe not. At least it'll be the weekend soon and I can sleep for as long as I like.
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