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Why did I do that

I've been messing around setting up a chat room system for the server at work. Its something I've been thinking of for a while and one of the staff mentioned chat rooms to me for use with the online degree.

Well, I've messed around with a few (free) systems and I think I've found one that works well and is suitable for what I need it for. Now, a modified version of this has a 'bot' added for system logging etc. So, I decided to install it - I started configuration around 4.15pm (I should finish at 4.30pm) and it started to install the bot settings. I didn't realise it would take almost 3/4 hour to install these settings. So, now its installed and seems to be working okay. I can tweak the settings etc another time/day but it is working. Now, its time to go home and get ready for badminton this evening.

Oh, and what did I name the bot to? PeroBot for some unknown reason - can't think why.......

Right time to get home, honest, I'm not staying any longer.......
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