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Clocks and comments

The weekend has been surprisingly okay. So, I only did some housework and nothing in the garden (which seriously needs some work) but the 'main' rooms of the house are decent enough. There are two (the small bedroom/workshop and the back bedroom/store) which need work but they're 'works in progress'.

Anyway, the clocks went back today so I'm back in GMT (not BST). Now I only have a few clocks to change but my parents have quite a few (thats one job I don't mind missing). As usual there is the people saying 'not changing the clocks is best' etc but they always do and I quite like it happening. I know the original reason was back in WW2 (to save electricity) but as usual people harp on about it again and again.

I sat down earlier to day to drink a cuppa tea (not unusual) and looked for something to watch on the tv - the BBC had 'Songs of Praise' which is one of its religious programmes. They were singing a medley of Christmas songs. That rather annoyed me, we have Halloween AND Guy Fawkes night (not to mention Remembarance Sunday) to happen before we should start thinking of Christmas. I know that the shops are already in that mode (a few ahave been for a while) but not yet. I admit, I love playing Christmas music but I don't start playing until mid November (unless I have a concert and need to practise). Maybe its just me but it annoys me when the 'Christmas rush' starts so soon.

Oh well - another week at work to look forward to. I have to demonstrate the new submission system to the students on Tuesday and Friday (so far). Hopefully it'll behave and work for me *crosses fingers*.
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